LTC Precision Pte Ltd is proud to introduce a new quality product – Full Ceramics Bearings to provide the solution in rotary action carrying loads in harsh environments including operations immersed in liquids.

Full ceramic bearings produce an unparalleled ride feel in terms of smoothness, quick and effortless rolling and many others.


Full ceramic bearings have excellence performance as special electrical and magnetism resistance, wear and corrosion resistance, require less lubrication and exhibit less lubrication degeneration, especially high and low- temperature application and could be used in harsh environment and special conditions.
The rings and balls made by full ceramic material Zr02 or Si3N4, as a standard constructor, the cage made by PTFE.


LTC offers full ceramic bearing sets with the following characteristics:


  • High corrosion resistance and electrical resistance
  • Qualify for extreme temperatures (800℃ ~1500℃)
  • Qualify for dry running conditions
  • Low weight with low density
  • Stable in chemicals (Acid & Alkaline)
  • High stiffness
  • High reliability
  • Low abrasion
  • Low operating costs


Full Ceramics Bearing usage is applicable to medical industry, food processing equipment, chemicals industry, environmental industry and many other areas.